A global wound care company asked us to advise on the detailed nature of the ecosystem opportunity for a new diagnostic technology which sought to help healthcare practitioners, patients and consumers identify early indicators of wound  infection at the point-of-care.


Using Umio Health Value Design®, first we framed the health ecosystem of interest, and mapped the actors, practices, activities and interactions in scope. With this ecosystem frame, we then undertook deep enquiry into patient and clinician capabilities to detect and act upon early signs of wound infection – both acute and chronic wound types.

When examining current practice with ecosystem actors in workshops, interviews and through observation, it was critical we assessed the specific targeted use / need context of the client’s technology as well as adjacent contexts of use of other technologies. This required careful mapping, modelling and interpretation of actors’ ecosystem needs and resources to identify gaps in their capability. Such enquiry is akin to forensic detective work in which we probe, enquire and shape findings and perspectives into a detailed assessment of the opportunity.

Our practice-centred deep-dive produced the following outputs:

  • Precise measures of opportunity, and insights into how it varies across all chronic wound types and other contexts such as geography, care setting, clinician role and experience  

  • A sophisticated, dynamic (modifiable assumptions) wound care health economic model for three geographical markets

  • Detailed commercial due diligence and willingness to pay assessments

  • Ecosystem Value Frames and value propositions with each including reimbursement potential, regulatory code pathways and market positioning assessments

  • Overall concept design and market access and development recommendations

  • A concept evolution roadmap

  • Competitive analysis

  • Positioning and claims definition


Our client was able to continue investment in its technology and begin to enact an ecosystem strategy confident of the size of the opportunity and return on investment, and was armed with necessary information to facilitate critical product, market and commercial decision-making.