A top 30 multi-national pharmaceutical wished to undertake an in-depth disease area strategy review to decide whether to reacquire the commercial rights to its currently out-licensed infection prevention and treatment technology.  Used extensively in multiple therapeutic areas (TAs) throughout the world in both branded and generic versions, global sales of its technology were expected to reach $7bn in 2016. Yet its market was subject to high rates of new technology introduction and a shifting clinical practice and disease landscape, leading to indecision and strategic uncertainty.


We completed comprehensive disease area strategy reviews of the infection prevention and treatment landscape in each of four distinct TAs: Wound-skin, oral, ocular and gynaecological. For each TA, we produced (all TA's completed concurrently in an eight-week timeframe):

  • Infection prevention and treatment practice maps, overlaid with practitioner types and technology use profiles

  • Patient treatment pathways, now as well as predicted for the future

  • Publication analyses

  • Clinical trial mapping including identification of gaps and potential new studies

  • Current and potential future competitor and technology analysis and comparative scorecards, both direct and indirect technologies as well as consumption technologies

  • Treatment trends and market dynamics

  • Market revenue and volume forecasts by sub-therapeutic class

  • Unmet needs analysis based on KOL and multi-practitioner interviews using Umio units of analysis

  • Comparison of KOL inputs and perspectives with those of front-line practitioners and cross-geography analysis (the study was European in scope)

  • Treatment guidelines discovery and analysis

  • Summary analysis and recommendations of key target sub-therapeutic areas where our client’s technology had the best “right to play” and where market growth potential was highest

  • Synthesis of all the insights across the four TAs to define and model a holistic market strategy analysis

As well as the above, we mobilised a key opinion leader network in key TAs, we educated our direct client’s wider team and country managers at internal conferences, we developed a multi-therapeutic area European market-sizing and forecasting model and we shaped product family, portfolio rationalisation and brand strategy recommendations, all based on our analysis.


Our comprehensive, advanced insights into the current and future state of infection prevention and management practice, therapy area and market dynamics were instrumental in helping our client to make critical, complex strategic decisions at board level. Over the course of several months of collaboration, we built an ongoing trusted relationship with our client, providing rapid response to clinical and technology questions, and updating our findings in line with latest developments.