Our client, a top 3 manufacturer of continence supplies, wished to formulate a North American market and sales strategy for the larger institutional segment of its business.  


Continence products may account for only about 1% of the total costs of a nursing home…but incontinence care as a whole can account for up to 15% of total costs. The choice of products can have big consequences towards those further costs – and, of course, the health and happiness of residents and staff. To assist our client in re-positioning its institutional market strategy away from cost towards total cost of use and service innovation, we ... 

  • determined with precision the opportunities for growth that exist in the nursing home continence market based on a precise understanding of the goals, problems, contexts and different attitudes of nursing home managers, purchasers and care staff

  • produced a segmentation of purchasers with each segment distinguished by different priorities, outlook and goals when choosing continence supplies and supplier

  • faciliated persona creation workshops with North American sales teams, with each crafting customer personas based on different segment attributes

  • supported our client to execute a differentiated sales strategy and communication programme, taking more explicit account of purchaser differences.


Aside from the multiple "a-has!" elicited from senior sales workshop participants when learning why purchasers do not respond positively to current "one size fits all" sales messaging, our client experienced steady sales growth in the full year following our work.C